New Issue of Stronger Girls


I've put together a new issue of Stronger Girls and it's available now. People said they wanted more female muscle growth transformation sequences, so I made three big ones and one little one for this

New Issue of Stronger Girls2020-07-02T12:16:04-04:00

12 Transformations #2 Released


The second issue of 12 Transformations was released today – this one focused on breast expansion. People who like growth tend to like sequences, so the purpose of this series is to give people what they

12 Transformations #2 Released2020-04-14T15:57:57-04:00

Strength Conspiracy #1


People are always asking me to release a full-length female muscle growth comic, so that's what I'm doing with Strength Conspiracy. The first issue starts as the secretive Dr. Samson, divorced mother of two and

Strength Conspiracy #12020-04-02T10:55:43-04:00

She’s A Bad Girl


Mindi's been working out, getting strong (stronger than the guys) and letting her nasty side out. Everybody at work thinks she's boring and timid, but under the baggy clothes are big, solid muscles, a dominant

She’s A Bad Girl2020-01-29T20:31:40-04:00

Old Renderosity Gallery


I took a break from posting renders between 2004 and 2007, and when I came back I switched my preferred posting location from Renderosity to deviantArt. Anyway, there's still a ton of old stuff at

Old Renderosity Gallery2019-12-14T23:36:01-04:00

A Christmas Miracle


I found myself in a Barnes & Noble store about a month ago and was amused to find a section called "Christmas Romance." You wouldn't think, or at least I wouldn't think, that there would be an

A Christmas Miracle2019-11-27T13:44:29-04:00

Growth Comics Relaunch


I’ve relaunched Growth Comics as a full site, a few years after pointing the domain at my Gumroad store. Why the change? I have more time to create content and I’ve gotten better at producing

Growth Comics Relaunch2020-03-24T20:10:41-04:00
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