People are always asking me to release a full-length female muscle growth comic, so that’s what I’m doing with Strength Conspiracy. The first issue starts as the secretive Dr. Samson, divorced mother of two and erstwhile mad scientist, is preparing to run the first test of her Strength Increase Serum on two couples. While her staff has been told the drug is intended to treat osteoporosis in both sexes, in reality it’s intended to work only on women and it strengthens more than just bones. Even a small dose will bestow a strikingly muscular physique on an average woman, and grant her greater strength than most men. A large dose can have a many-fold greater effect, turning ordinary girls into hugely muscled specimens of superhumanity, with many times the strength of even the most muscular men.

I’m still putting on the final touches, but Strength Conspiracy #1 should be about 27 story pages, and then a handful of preview pages and original concept art pages. Strength Conspiracy #2 – in which we learn the true scope of Dr. Samson’s sinister ambitions – should follow in early May, and then a third issue about six weeks after that. If there’s interest and they sell consistently I may produce more after that. The first issue contains ample growth and every issue will feature female muscle growth.

I’ll link it from my various web properties when it’s ready. It will be for sale on Gumroad and Amazon.