The second issue of 12 Transformations was released today – this one focused on breast expansion. People who like growth tend to like sequences, so the purpose of this series is to give people what they want: a decent quantity of growth sequences in a format that’s easy to scroll through, on a computer, tablet, or phone.

I had planned to release this issue about six months ago, but I wasn’t happy with some of the sequences and didn’t want to publish anything I wasn’t proud of. So, I set it aside, worked on some other things and then came back to it last month. I hope you like it, I aim to please.

Breast Expansion

Breast Expansion

12 Transformations: Breast Expansion

12 Transformations is a series of graphic novels where Growth Comics presents a specific type of growth in a dozen separate sequences. This issue is about Breast Expansion. Almost 100 pages long, it contains one 27 page story called "The Lift", about an elevator that changes the size of women's breasts, along with 11 other breast expansion sequences. Some of the sequences are somewhat story-like with dialog, while others are art renders of women's boobs getting bigger with no dialog. Most of the size changes result in very large but realistic (i.e., possible in the real world) breasts, though a couple go beyond that. "The Lift" is arguably in that category, featuring an athletically built women growing a pair of boobs somewhere around an M cup, while remaining fit and trim everywhere else.

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About the Book

Here are some samples from four of the sequences:

Series: 12 Transformations, Book 2
Genre: Breast Expansion
Tag: Art & Comics
Publisher: Growth Comics
Publication Year: 2020
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