I found myself in a Barnes & Noble store about a month ago and was amused to find a section called “Christmas Romance.” You wouldn’t think, or at least wouldn’t think, that there would be an entire literary genre focused on something so narrow, but there it was. It reminded me of an article I read last year (I think) about the made-for-TV Christmas romance movie, which has become an institution on cable networks such as Oxygen, Hallmark, and the like. I felt, even though they’re formulaic, that I was missing out on something other people enjoy.

Now, I didn’t know how to write a romance. So I read up on it and there are simple rules, but the biggest one is that the audience is going to be women, and I don’t have a whole lot of female readers. I do know how to write female muscle fetish smut, though, and the readers are generally men. Why, then, shouldn’t there be a Christmas female muscle fetish smut genre? It made total sense to me and I’m always down to make an extra buck, so, I semi-proudly present to you my latest work of typing: Muscles for Christmas! 

Muscles for Christmas

Muscles for Christmas


"This year, give the woman in your life the gift of muscles!"

Recently-engaged Don invites his sister Grace to his home for Christmas, but the formerly skinny young woman has become as muscular as a linebacker and as strong as an ox! Grace's strength doesn't come just from lifting weights, though, because she's discovered an ancient relic that can transform any woman into a muscular amazon in just minutes, and the stocking-stuffer she's giving her girlfriends is turning them into sleeve-stretching muscle girls –– including her future sister-in-law! Can an ordinary guy like Don handle it when his sister, fiancee, and even female co-workers become suddenly-jacked and incredibly strong?

This story contains female muscle growth, amazon transformation, mixed arm wrestling, women outmuscling men, and a bit of male shrinking. It occurs in the same universe as classic female muscle growth story "The Amazon Artifact", but is not a direct sequel.

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