Breast Expansion

Breast Expansion is concerned with an increase in breast development, typically either through growth or inflation. The increase in bust size can be slight, just one or two cup sizes, or it can be enormous, giving the subject breasts of extraordinary or conventionally impossible proportions. Variations depict the subject becoming more powerful or, alternately, helpless as a result of her transformation. Breast Expansion

Female Muscle Growth

Female Muscle Growth is associated with women growing stronger and more muscular. The subject generally becomes dominant and powerful, usually over sexual partners, family members or co-workers. Some comics and media in this genre focus more on the increase in strength, while others may deal with the increase in size. Typically the range is between “fitness model” proportions and generally impossible degrees of muscularity.Female Muscle Growth

Giantess and Growing Taller

Giantess Growth or GTS is associated with women growing taller – at the minimum she becomes amazonic, with mega-giantess at the other extreme. The increase in size can be associated with a male co-worker, lover or family member finding his relative position diminished as the subject grows taller and more dominant.Giantess Growth

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