Muscles for Christmas

Muscles for Christmas

Muscles for Christmas: A Female Muscle Growth Story

"This year, give the woman in your life the gift of muscles!"

Recently-engaged Don invites his sister Grace to his home for Christmas, but the formerly skinny young woman has become as muscular as a linebacker and as strong as an ox! Grace's strength doesn't come just from lifting weights, though, because she's discovered an ancient relic that can transform any woman into a muscular amazon in just minutes, and the stocking-stuffer she's giving her girlfriends is turning them into sleeve-stretching muscle girls –– including her future sister-in-law! Can an ordinary guy like Don handle it when his sister, fiancee, and even female co-workers become suddenly-jacked and incredibly strong?

This story contains female muscle growth, amazon transformation, mixed arm wrestling, women outmuscling men, and a bit of male shrinking. It occurs in the same universe as classic female muscle growth story "The Amazon Artifact", but is not a direct sequel.

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About the Book

Donald O’Malley had planned a pleasant Christmas with his fiancée, Becky, and a visit from his sister, Grace. But when Grace shows up bigger and stronger than any woman Don has ever seen, it kicks off a chaotic holiday of female muscle growth among various women. And his fiancee Becky is one of them!

Also contains some male shrinking.

This book occurs in the same universe as The Amazon Artifact, but is not a direct sequel.

Series: The Goddess of Strength, Book 2
Genres: Female Muscle Growth, Growth & Shrinking
Tag: Stories & Novels
Publisher: Aucta Books
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: B0821VG2V3
ISBN: 9780463273364
List Price: 2.99
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