Strength Conspiracy #3

Strength Conspiracy #3

A secret plan to make women the stronger sex!

The mysterious Dr. Samson and her financial backers have found a way to make woman stronger than men – much stronger – and now that they've finished initial testing, creating a number of immensely strong women, they're preparing to start their marketing efforts to the women of the world.

In this issue, Dr. Samson's lab assistant takes in interest in becoming stronger, herself. And one of the test subjects, drunk on her newly superhuman strength, looks for a way to become even stronger!

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About the Book

As events unfold from the first test of the females-only “Strength Increase Serum”, envy and desire begin to take hold of those who have witnessed or experienced it. As more women vie to be transformed – granted strength that at least equals and often far exceeds that of men – rivals become set against one another and take action.

One of the first test subjects finds a way to acquire another dose, and uses it to make herself even stronger, while love blooms for one of the frustrated male test subjects, who experienced no change.

Series: Strength Conspiracy
Genre: Female Muscle Growth
Tag: Art & Comics
Publisher: Growth Comics
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