The Twisting Ring
Cupgrade: A Breast Expansion Story

Cupgrade: A Breast Expansion Story

Series: The Twisting Ring, Book 1
Genre: Breast Expansion
Tag: Stories & Novels

Breast Expansion spreads through a law firm! An attractive, hard-working young woman, Julia is trim and very fit, but there's one thing about her figure she doesn't like: she's small breasted. One night while she's waiting at the bar during a work function, she confesses to a stranger that she envies the ample busts of some of the women at work. He hands her a card with just one sentence written on it – "What if my breasts were one cup size larger?" – and tells her that reading it aloud will make it happen.

Initially, Julia dismisses the card as nonsense, showing it to the women she works with. Julia's busty rival at work, Kendall, glances at the card and reads it aloud as a joke, then says, "That’s the last thing I need!” But when they arrive at work the next morning, Julia sees that Kendall's breasts have grown – they're even more impressive than before! Having seen evidence that the card actually has the power to change her body, Julia and some of her friends soon make use of the card and their enlarged breasts begin to have unpredictable effects on their lives: professional, social, and sexual.

Each time a woman reads the card aloud, her breasts soon grow one cup size larger. Julia finds herself unable to resist using it again, and again. Formerly flat as a board, soon Julia has the largest breasts of any woman she knows, and yet still the temptation to grow larger nags at her. How big will she get?

And how many other women will get huge boobs, too?

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