Penny Sizemore

Penny Sizemore (born 1989) shares with readers her dreams of growth, expansion, shrinking, and changes in power relationships. After years of posting her stories online, she recently decided to begin publishing her fantasies through online book-sellers.

The Secretary & The Shrink Ray

The Secretary & The Shrink Ray


It’s every man’s worst nightmare – a prototype shrink ray falls into the hands of his jealous wife who then uses it to shrink him and the hottie he’s banging down to the size of dolls!

Read how Chuck & Caroline find themselves reduced to tiny size but generous proportions, as their sexier features wind up shrinking less than the rest of them.

And you’ll never believe what happens when the shrink ray wears off! Do Chuck & Caroline return to their normal sizes or does Caroline (hint, hint) wind up as some kind of amazon with gigantic breasts, while Chuck maybe gets stuck at a pretty shrimpy size but gets to keep a very large bodypart in compensation?

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