Stronger Girls #6

Stronger Girls #6

Stronger Girls #6

STRONGER GIRLS #6 contains 85+ pages of all-new art, plus three female muscle growth sequences!

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About the Book

85+ pages of all-new art and comics featuring strong, muscular, beautiful women! This issue contains five sections:

  • Girls Growing Stronger – More than 30 pages of Female Muscle Growth themed content, including three transformation sequences!
  • Delicate Flowers – 17 pages of art featuring beautiful, muscular women.
  • More Weight Than You Can Handle – 10 pages of women handling more weight than a man can, and one page of a man handling less than a woman can.
  • Outclassed – The women are bigger and stronger than the men, and they’re pretty satisfied with the arrangement. 18 pages.
  • Girls Stealing Strength – 11 more pages of “asset theft” art, where men are deprived of their strength by women who soak it up and turn into musclebound amazons!

All art is created and rendered by Lingster, an artist with more than 5,000 followers on DeviantArt, and thousands more on other social media platforms!

Growth Comics releases two issues of Stronger Girls per year.

Series: Stronger Girls, Book 6
Genre: Female Muscle Growth
Tag: Art & Comics
Publisher: Growth Comics
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