She-Hulk Transformation

She-Hulk Transformation


The above sequence depicts the long-awaited debut of the She-Hulk of the Marvel Ultimate Universe. And without giving away too much: the identity of the transformed woman comes as a big surprise.

The artist is Leinil Francis Yu and he does fantastic work here. The thing I like best about this transformation is that her breasts balloon out first, evoking a “Holy Mother of…” from the character. Her muscle growth follows, and the speech bubbles indicate that the experience is orgasmic. When it’s over the new She-Hulk is built like big green brick shit-house, her formerly-baggy coveralls now hugging her suddenly-super-developed physique. In a word: awesome!

The image above is from a two-page spread, and it begins on the prior page and ends on the following page. You should definitely pick up this comic.

[Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #4 – Marvel Comics]

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