• A cute Asian girl grows into a hulked-out amazon
    Kinniku-Kami by Verdelux Kinniku-Kami by Verdelux

    Kinniku-Kami by Verdelux

Kinniku-Kami by Verdelux

OK, this is hot. Gorgeous artwork showing a petite Asian girl transforming into a strapping, muscular, amazon robot fighting hottie.

This really has everything you expect to see in a female muscle growth or giantess growth comic. First off we have the juxtaposition of the first and second panels, which show a total role reversal – in the first panel Kinniku is smaller and below the robot, but in the final panel she’s grown tall and powerful, and is now occupying the superior position. The intermediary panels show the transformation occurring, with her clothing first tightening over her growing body, then beginning to tear as it suggests the extent of the transformation (in this case her large, bulging biceps protruding from what had previously been her slender arm. Finally the clothing bursts almost entirely, revealing the final result and teasing for a better view in the final panel.

As we passed the doorbell, I was buy-essay-fast-online.com subliminally aware of something moving at me at enormous speed, followed by a huge amount of pain in my right ear.

  • Two women become extremely muscular
    Mass Appeal Muscle Growth Mass Appeal Muscle Growth

    Mass Appeal Muscle Growth

Mass Appeal Muscle Growth

Here’s the description from a great, three-page muscle growth comic posted to deviantART:

After the success of Dr. Jessica Stuart’s cellur regeneration project, which gave her mass appeal- a scientist at Colchester University sought to replicate the experiment. Using unsuspecting college students Savintha Mohan, Kim Hong, Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson, and Daniel Greene as test subjects, they are all exposed to the same radiation as that of Dr. Stuart. And the results are for all to see!

Now of course if it was my commission the science experiment would have had no effect on Daniel Greene, the lone male in the project, and he’d find himself surrounded by three newly-superhuman muscle girls.

Thanks to SwampHulk for sponsoring this commission by Verdelux and Eegore.

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Verdelux Hulk-Out

Beginning to hulk out by ~verdelux on deviantART

I love this growth vignette by Verdelux, in which a woman is just beginning to experience a hulk-out transformation. Her clothes are growing tight, her limbs are swelling with muscle and her t-shirt is tearing down the middle as her breasts swell in size. Awesome work. Beautiful!

Make sure to check out Verdelux’s gallery here, and also the gallery of Zeromager, who has been commissioning a lot of work from the artist of late.

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