• Superheroine Sue Storm grows muscular and busty and rips her costume apart
    Sue Storm Hulks Out! Sue Storm Hulks Out!

    Sue Storm Hulks Out!

Sue Storm Hulks Out!

Superheroine Sue Storm grows muscular and busty and rips her costume apartBad-Attitude-Ink created this as a commission for Titaneer, and posted it to deviantART. It shows Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, “hulking out” and becoming hypermuscular and super-strong! To quote the artist, “She’s half invisible and totally pissed!!”

I suspect this is a play on the recent Marvel Comics storyline, “Hulked Out Heroes”, in which a number of superheroes become Hulk-like versions of themselves. There was a “What if…?!” story lines in the past where Sue Storm (and the rest of the team) is granted super-strength instead of invulnerability by the cosmic rays that created the Fantastic Four – they all wound up as monsters. In some parallel Earth iterations she has been represented as looking much like the Ben Grimm Thing (Earth-82834, Earth-200782), but in another version shown in the original Excalibur run, issue #49, Sue Storm made for a very sexy Thing in one throwaway panel. (I googled the crap out that but couldn’t find a scan.)

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  • female growth panels
    Daybird Daybird



female growth panelsFemForteFan has introduced a new character called “Daybird”. By night she’s a scrawny security guard, but in sunlight Heather Bird grows into a big-breasted, muscular amazon with serious superpowers who fights crime as Daybird!

Did I mention that her small breasts expand into a set of mega-melons?

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Superheroine Transformation

Woman grows out of her clothes as she becomes a superheroCharmion – a superheroine created by Zeromager – transforms from a mousy, ordinary girl into a big-breasted amazon muscle woman when she becomes her costumed super-self. I’m not sure of the whole backstory – whether it’s voluntary or involuntary – but she always manages to rip through her clothing as her various body parts expand to superhuman proportions.

In this latest version, by noted female muscle illustrator David C. Matthews, her transformation has clearly run amok and she’s outgrowing not just her civilian clothes but also her superhero costume!

Click the thumbnail to see the full-size version at deviantART.

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  • Ultra Girl flexes her biceps
    Ultra Girl Ultra Girl

    Ultra Girl

Ultra Girl

Ultra Girl flexes her bicepsI was reading through some of the Wikipedia superhero entries when I stumbled upon Ultra Girl’s:

Suzy Sherman is raised by her father Toby Sherman, and her mother. In her teen years, Suzy is an aspiring model in Southern California. Attempting to make it as the industry-standard slim, “elfin beauty,” she is shocked to find that, in a few days’ time, she has grown inches taller, rapidly acquired the muscle mass and physique of the average female bodybuilder, and even more shockingly discovers via a violent encounter that this physical transformation comes with accompanying superpowers.


Ultra Girl is superhumanly strong, capable of lifting multiple tons, and is highly resistant to physical injury. She is also superhumanly fast, and can move at velocities approaching the speed of sound, and she heals at an accelerated rate. Ultra Girl can also fly at great speeds. Ultra Girl can alter her vision to see in other wavelengths of energy (besides visible light), such as infrared and ultraviolet. Her powers have vaguely activated in relation to what’s been required for the situation, but it is unknown if this is a case of reactive evolution, or simply a process of discovery.

Geez, that’s hot! Of course the best part of the comic was when she encountered her sometimes-boyfriend – a skinny nerd boy type – and her arms are drawn thick and powerful while his are but puny pipestems. Hot, hot, hot!

[Ultra Girl – Wikipedia]

I’ve been making a map� (also larger see here version).

Booty-licious She-Hulk

Next please by ~RHEMORA on deviantART

Wow! Awesome manga-style She-Hulk art by Rhemora. She looks delightfully voluptuous and strong.

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Caitlin Fairchild gets big

I don’t know how I forgot about the Gen 13 video – Caitlin Fairchild’s transformation scene pretty much hits every benchmark as she grows taller, more muscular and much sexier. She starts as a skinny nerd girl and winds up big-breasted amazon with super strength. The few seconds of breast enlargement animation are particularly stunning.

[h/t: Super Girl X]

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Supergirl Phenomenon

Commission:SupergirlPhenomenon by *Jebriodo on deviantART

From the description, after a “mysterious event,”

Women all over the world spontaneously grow into 8′ tall super amazons…they burst out of their office or casual clothes (with torn fabric bursting open, buttons pinging off type of stuff). They’re already 7′-8′ and muscular, ripped and hugely busty, with some hint of sexy, tiny superheroine costumes underneath. They tower over the shocked men around them.

I’m OK with that. And of course given that it’s a Jed Dougherty pic, it’s awesome beyond words. Also check out this one.

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  • Cerulean Sky 3
    Cerulean Muscle Growth Cerulean Muscle Growth

    Cerulean Muscle Growth

Cerulean Muscle Growth

Wowzers! TheManic has taken over the artist duties on Cerulean Sky and seizes the opportunity to render homages to both She-Hulk #1 [above partial] and Action Comics #1 on one page of the comic. So if you’re into nerdy lab assistants transforming into giant-breasted, muscular amazon superwomen, you’re going to love his work and the storyline behind it. Female muscle growth, breast expansion, super powers – all that and more! There are several free sample pages available!

[Cerulean Sky 3 – BE Story Club]

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