Arist Biggals creates dazzling poster-style art depicting massively overdeveloped women: towering girls with gigantic breasts, mind-boggling curves and tremendous physical strength.

A common element in his art is “Mamogrande”, an unfortunately fictional product that is billed as a “super-strength tonic for female well-being” that “builds bones and boobs”. The typical consumer for Mamogrande is an underdeveloped girl who desires bigger breasts. In short order she finds herself:

  • standing over six feet tall (or over seven feet tall)
  • possessing an expanded bustine of even greater circumference than her new height
  • incredibly solid and strong with legs like curvy tree-trunks

Under normal circumstances a Mamogrande consumer’s man is (naturally) delighted with her suddenly super-abundant physique, though totally overwhelmed by her newly mountainous sex appeal and superhuman physical strength.

However, the image above represents a tragic case. It seems the girl was so desperate to get the attention of her young beau that she exceeded the recommended dosage and drank an entire case of Mamogrande! Now even while seated her head brushes the ceiling and her breasts have expanded to proportions exceeding large household appliances. I think her family will need to remove a wall just to get her out of the house!

[Now He’ll Notice Me – deviantART]

And because I’d had the course of 4 shots last year, the doc told me I only needed to have one this time to boost my immunity.