This starts out as a pretty standard story, with the flat-chested girl growing bigger breasts than her generously endowed friend, but it has a few nice twists to it. And of course that’s not actually Dirty Santa – he’s a wizard named Alexander who just happens to look a lot like Santa.

Abigail shrugged. “What do you mean what? I know you’ve been envious of my chest for years. If the wizard,” and her voice was laced with contempt,“can actually give you boobs, maybe you’ll stop staring at mine.”

The wizard snapped his fingers and both women turned to look at him. “Done.”

Teresa glared at her friend until a gentle and pleasant warmth, centered on her chest, got her attention. She felt her nipples stiffen and felt her hands slide up to her chest. “What did you do?” Her nipples hardened instantly against her palms.

“Wow, that feels so good.” Closing her eyes as the pleasurable sensation grew, she swore she feel her breasts begin to expand in against her hands, swelling with each breath. Abigail stared in wonder as Teresa’s hands were forced out and away from her chest. Teresa’s snug black tee began to ride higher on her body, revealing her belly button ring.

Teresa finally managed to pull her hands away from her breasts. Her knees felt ready to buckle as she was certain an orgasm was almost upon her. Looking down at her chest, she smiled. She was easily as big as Abigail, maybe bigger.

“Double D’s,” the wizard interjected,“if you’re wanting to shop at the lingerie store on the other side of the mall.” He turned to look at Abigail. “I hope this is proof enough.”

There’s a decent amount of that. It’s pretty good.

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