A girl's breasts grow out of her top!A new illustrated short story has been posted to the BE Story Club, called Chaos Theory. Here’s an excerpt:

Men were drooling as the blonde woman grew tits bigger than her head, bigger than two of her heads. They kept growing until the inevitable happened. The corset ripped loudly, the release of pressure felt by those standing closest to the former business woman. Her tits bounced out into complete exposure, huge and perky, with nipples as thick as her fingers. She tried to cover them up, to keep her embarrassment from only getting worse, but there was little the woman could do.

There’s also butt expansion, belly growth and body expansion. Quite a lot of transformation in this one – it’s 26 pages long and includes five full-page illustrations. I really like the art. Chaos Theory is a good read; something for everybody.

[BE Story Club]

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