• sinsations
    Sinsationals Kickstarter Sinsationals Kickstarter

    Sinsationals Kickstarter

Sinsationals Kickstarter

Long-serving good-girl artist Shade has launched a Kickstarter to finance Sinsationals, his new all-girl superhero team comic. At least two of the characters, a giantess called Big Girl and a hulk-like heroine called Gamma Sex Bomb are featured in transformation sequences in the #0 origin issue.

Of course, fetish fuel irony figures in those two characters’ origins.

Big Girl

Big Girl starts out as an extremely small girl frustrated with her diminutive stature and how other people ignore her or treat her like a child. While walking along one day, she finds a genie’s lamp at her feet! I haven’t seen the dialogue, just the breakdowns, but it seems likely she wishes to be “taller” or “really tall” or “tall enough that everybody notices me” or some other catastrophically, vaguely-phrased wish like that. And then – poof! – she’s grown into a 60 foot tall giantess!

Gamma Sex Bomb

Despite being a dedicated gym rat who dreams of competing in bodybuilding contests, as our comic unfolds Ashley Svensson can never seem to put on any muscle! She eats for bulk, drinks her whey smoothies and pumps iron on a grueling schedule, but to barely any effect. Then one day, at her job as the operator of a gamma radiation cyclotron, Ashley accidentally irradiates her protein shake and then – without realizing the error – drinks the glowing concoction! Within moments her fit yet slender frame is bursting with superhuman strength and gloriously, impossibly overdeveloped muscles! When it stops she’s no longer a slender lab assistant, but instead has grown to 7’6″ tall and is now easily the strongest and most muscular human being on the planet! She is the Gamma Sex Bomb!

Anyway, you should totally help fund it if the project interests you. As I write this Shade’s about 1/3 of the way to his goal. It would be great if we could finance complete breast expansion, female muscle growth and giantess growth comics this way, don’t you think?

Click to Visit the Sinsationals Kickstarter
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  • freecomicbookday
    Free Comic Book Day!? Free Comic Book Day!?

    Free Comic Book Day!?

Free Comic Book Day!?

I was delighted to see that BE Story Club and Giantess Club are participating in Free Comic Book Day with a multi-transformational comic set at a comic book convention.

There’s something strange in the concession food at this comicon, though, but it’s only affecting the women. Some of them seem to be changing into the characters they’re cosplaying, such as She-Hulk, whereas others are just growing enormous breasts or transforming into giantesses.

It’s a nice gesture and it’s totally free. I don’t know how long it will be up, though, so make sure you download it today!

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  • giantesscontainment
    Giantess Containment Bureau #4 Giantess Containment Bureau #4

    Giantess Containment Bureau #4

Giantess Containment Bureau #4

Giantess Containment Bureau is a comic series at Giantess Club – free sample comic – and the fourth issue just came out. Long story short, it’s about a team that fights giantesses when they arise. A continuing problem seems to be that female agents wind up getting contaminated by giantess stuff, and they in turn begin to grow and sometimes become giantesses.

The story changes when they discover a girl who has the ability to change height at will without suffering from the madness that afflicts other giantesses. She helps the GCB fight other giantesses and, being able to become a giantess herself, she’s pretty good at it.

(Her boobs get bigger, too, obviously.)

Free Sample Comic
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  • bikini-bomb-blast
    Bikini Bomb Blast by Bojay Bikini Bomb Blast by Bojay

    Bikini Bomb Blast by Bojay

Bikini Bomb Blast by Bojay

DreamTales has just released a new Bojay comic (yay!) called Bikini Bomb Blast. There are two stories, set sequentially on two islands in the South Pacific during the atom bomb testing of the 1940s and 1950s, plus some of the little cartoon vignettes that make Bojay’s portfolios so cheeky and sexy.

The first is a giantess growth story. Two Polynesian girls refuse to evacuate during a nearby bomb test, and when two concerned sailors return to check on them after the blast, they find the formerly-petite native girls have become strapping sexpots, who tower over them, still bursting out of their clothes as their tops, bottoms and bodies continue to swell to curvier and more giantess-like proportions. And the two girls are a lot bolder than they were before, quickly expressing their affections for the sailors and resulting in some mini-giantess canoodling.

The second story is a shrinking women story. The same two sailors volunteer for the same duty on a second island, naturally expecting the same outcome: gigantic, dominant over-developed nymphomaniac native girls. This time eight (!) sexy Polynesian girls refuse to leave the beach, although the sailors seem far less insistent in their evacuation pleas than during the first story. When they return to the beach, the sailors find the girls have dwindled to doll size. At first dismayed by their new tininess and helplessness, the girls quickly find ways to make themselves useful to the men. Shenanigans ensue.

Additionally, there are a few cartoons and sketches that are only loosely connected to the stories. One is a shrinking man vignette, in which a sailor starts to shrink in the presence of his giantess island girl, and in another colored image one of the sailors is giving a back rub to a girl who’s at least 20 feet tall. The comic hints at breast expansion in places, but it’s not not substantial enough to please devotees of extreme BE.

The art is sketchy and not very “finished” in places, but Bojay’s sketches are themselves so expressive and smooth that I prefer them over to work where a second artist has inked over his pencils. So I’m a 100% Bojay guy.

[Bikini Bomb Blast – DreamTales Comics]

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  • giantessgrowing
    Bubbling Up From the Abyss Part 5 Bubbling Up From the Abyss Part 5

    Bubbling Up From the Abyss Part 5

Bubbling Up From the Abyss Part 5

If you’re claustrophobic you probably won’t like Bubbling Up From the Abyss [free sample]. You know those horror movies where everybody’s trapped in a pressurized seafloor laboratory and there’s some kind of mysterious phenomenon – monsters, aliens, super-intelligent sharks, that sort of thing – going on outside? And then it gets inside?

Well, in this one the weird thing outside starts turning the skinny scientist girls inside into busty nymphomaniac giantesses. So here’s everybody cramped into this tiny little undersea lab on the floor of the ocean, and suddenly the women start taking up a lot more space.

Spoilers: And then one of them goes all mega-giantess and winds up confronting a naval battle group on the surface.

Anyway, there’s lots of brainy nerd girls growing big and sexy in this one, and they’re up to issue #5 so it should keep you busy for awhile.

[Bubbling up from the Abyss – Free Sample Comic from Giantess Club]

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  • now_he_ll_notice_me_by_biggals-d5xdr70
    Mamogrande Overdose Mamogrande Overdose

    Mamogrande Overdose

Mamogrande Overdose

Arist Biggals creates dazzling poster-style art depicting massively overdeveloped women: towering girls with gigantic breasts, mind-boggling curves and tremendous physical strength.

A common element in his art is “Mamogrande”, an unfortunately fictional product that is billed as a “super-strength tonic for female well-being” that “builds bones and boobs”. The typical consumer for Mamogrande is an underdeveloped girl who desires bigger breasts. In short order she finds herself:

  • standing over six feet tall (or over seven feet tall)
  • possessing an expanded bustine of even greater circumference than her new height
  • incredibly solid and strong with legs like curvy tree-trunks

Under normal circumstances a Mamogrande consumer’s man is (naturally) delighted with her suddenly super-abundant physique, though totally overwhelmed by her newly mountainous sex appeal and superhuman physical strength.

However, the image above represents a tragic case. It seems the girl was so desperate to get the attention of her young beau that she exceeded the recommended dosage and drank an entire case of Mamogrande! Now even while seated her head brushes the ceiling and her breasts have expanded to proportions exceeding large household appliances. I think her family will need to remove a wall just to get her out of the house!

[Now He’ll Notice Me – deviantART]

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  • Breast Expansion and GTS
    Creator Kojiro-Brushard Creator Kojiro-Brushard

    Creator Kojiro-Brushard

Creator Kojiro-Brushard

A petite blonde grows out of her clothes and into a strapping, big-breasted brunette in this sequence by Kojiro-Brushard. The art is really good and there are a lot of transformations in his folders.

You should spend some time there.

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  • Giantess Harvest Moon attacks Batman
    Batman versus Giantess Batman versus Giantess

    Batman versus Giantess

Batman versus Giantess

I read World’s Finest Comics #295 when I was a kid and I thought it was awesome. The essentials are these: there was a trio of hot, moon-themed lady supervillains called alternately “The Daughters of the Moon” or “The Moondancers”. One of them had gravity powers, one of them had cold powers – sorry if this is boring so far – but one of them could grow into a ten-foot-tall giantess.

hadworsetimesThe name of the giantess was “Harvest Moon”, presumably because she could grow so big. Typically she would ride into battle normal-sized, although she was tall and well-built to start, and then grow with a weird moon effect. I looked around for scans of the giantess growth transformation but wasn’t able to find it. (I might have to break open my own long-boxes for this one.)

Batman had to wrestle the giantess Harvest Moon twice in the comic: once at the outset and once at the end of the comic. I’m sure he’d had worse times. For me the whole growing and rasslin’ bit was pure fetish fuel. Presumably Superman could have beaten Harvest Moon in a Metropolis minute, so it was a lot more appealing to see Batman getting sweaty with this giant redhead.

Disappointingly, this story only ran through one issue way back in 1983. DC Comics was all about the one-and-done storytelling arc back in those days. Harvest Moon and her sisters appeared only one other time, in a crowd scene when Animal Man visits Comic Book Limbo about 1990.

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