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    Sinsationals Kickstarter Sinsationals Kickstarter

    Sinsationals Kickstarter

Sinsationals Kickstarter

Long-serving good-girl artist Shade has launched a Kickstarter to finance Sinsationals, his new all-girl superhero team comic. At least two of the characters, a giantess called Big Girl and a hulk-like heroine called Gamma Sex Bomb are featured in transformation sequences in the #0 origin issue.

Of course, fetish fuel irony figures in those two characters’ origins.

Big Girl

Big Girl starts out as an extremely small girl frustrated with her diminutive stature and how other people ignore her or treat her like a child. While walking along one day, she finds a genie’s lamp at her feet! I haven’t seen the dialogue, just the breakdowns, but it seems likely she wishes to be “taller” or “really tall” or “tall enough that everybody notices me” or some other catastrophically, vaguely-phrased wish like that. And then – poof! – she’s grown into a 60 foot tall giantess!

Gamma Sex Bomb

Despite being a dedicated gym rat who dreams of competing in bodybuilding contests, as our comic unfolds Ashley Svensson can never seem to put on any muscle! She eats for bulk, drinks her whey smoothies and pumps iron on a grueling schedule, but to barely any effect. Then one day, at her job as the operator of a gamma radiation cyclotron, Ashley accidentally irradiates her protein shake and then – without realizing the error – drinks the glowing concoction! Within moments her fit yet slender frame is bursting with superhuman strength and gloriously, impossibly overdeveloped muscles! When it stops she’s no longer a slender lab assistant, but instead has grown to 7’6″ tall and is now easily the strongest and most muscular human being on the planet! She is the Gamma Sex Bomb!

Anyway, you should totally help fund it if the project interests you. As I write this Shade’s about 1/3 of the way to his goal. It would be great if we could finance complete breast expansion, female muscle growth and giantess growth comics this way, don’t you think?

Click to Visit the Sinsationals Kickstarter
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    Free Comic Book Day!? Free Comic Book Day!?

    Free Comic Book Day!?

Free Comic Book Day!?

I was delighted to see that BE Story Club and Giantess Club are participating in Free Comic Book Day with a multi-transformational comic set at a comic book convention.

There’s something strange in the concession food at this comicon, though, but it’s only affecting the women. Some of them seem to be changing into the characters they’re cosplaying, such as She-Hulk, whereas others are just growing enormous breasts or transforming into giantesses.

It’s a nice gesture and it’s totally free. I don’t know how long it will be up, though, so make sure you download it today!

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    Pokkuti female muscle growth Pokkuti female muscle growth

    Pokkuti female muscle growth

Pokkuti female muscle growth

Pokkuti has a new muscle growth sequence featuring Cana Alberona from Fairy Tale. The inks are very crisp and the colors are nice, too. Also, the satisfaction in the expression of the subject as she checks out her newly gigantic muscles is quite stimulating, all on its own. Here’s some background:

Cana is a tall, slim, young woman with an ample bust. She has long, brown hair, that reaches down to the middle of her back, with the shade varying from time to time, having been initially portrayed as bright brown, then black, and ultimately plain brown.

She possesses a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips, which slowly become more and more defined in later stages of the series.

Pokkuti probably starts her out a little bit too built – she’s not slim in any sense of the word at the start – but by the end she’s developed absolutely gigantic muscles that no doubt give her fantastic physical strength.

This is hardly the first time Pokkuti has shown a fondness for Fairy Tale.

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  • ritualist
    Ritualist tiny growth sequences Ritualist tiny growth sequences

    Ritualist tiny growth sequences

Ritualist tiny growth sequences

Here’s a quick muscle growth sequence from Ritualist – link – wherein the attractive female subject suddenly finds herself developing big, strong muscles. It goes pretty far along, with her eventually bursting out of her sleeves and clothes.

Ritualist has done quite a few of these and they’re all pretty good. Check out his gallery for more of them.

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  • now_he_ll_notice_me_by_biggals-d5xdr70
    Mamogrande Overdose Mamogrande Overdose

    Mamogrande Overdose

Mamogrande Overdose

Arist Biggals creates dazzling poster-style art depicting massively overdeveloped women: towering girls with gigantic breasts, mind-boggling curves and tremendous physical strength.

A common element in his art is “Mamogrande”, an unfortunately fictional product that is billed as a “super-strength tonic for female well-being” that “builds bones and boobs”. The typical consumer for Mamogrande is an underdeveloped girl who desires bigger breasts. In short order she finds herself:

  • standing over six feet tall (or over seven feet tall)
  • possessing an expanded bustine of even greater circumference than her new height
  • incredibly solid and strong with legs like curvy tree-trunks

Under normal circumstances a Mamogrande consumer’s man is (naturally) delighted with her suddenly super-abundant physique, though totally overwhelmed by her newly mountainous sex appeal and superhuman physical strength.

However, the image above represents a tragic case. It seems the girl was so desperate to get the attention of her young beau that she exceeded the recommended dosage and drank an entire case of Mamogrande! Now even while seated her head brushes the ceiling and her breasts have expanded to proportions exceeding large household appliances. I think her family will need to remove a wall just to get her out of the house!

[Now He’ll Notice Me – deviantART]

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  • A girl hulks out
    Biggals does She-Hulk Biggals does She-Hulk

    Biggals does She-Hulk

Biggals does She-Hulk

Biggals has outdone himself with this latest illustration, which shows a woman painfully transforming into a She-Hulk and bursting out of her clothes while it happens. Her breasts grow, her muscles grow and she gets taller. (She also turns green.) This one has something for everyone.

I think it’s one of the sexiest hulk-outs I’ve seen. Check out the full version by clicking the image above. And click here to see another She-Hulk illustration by Biggals, in which the gamma radiation appears to most strongly affect her breasts.

And now every time I see one http://buy-essay-fast-online.com/ of those wasps the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

  • Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 8.52.44 PM
    Bojay Age Transfer Comic Bojay Age Transfer Comic

    Bojay Age Transfer Comic

Bojay Age Transfer Comic

There’s a new Bojay comic at DreamTales that I really like, called The Age Vampire. A hunky guy starts dating a petite girl who claims to be older than she looks. Soon he’s getting younger, smaller, and weaker; while she’s growing more mature, taller, sexier and stronger. Soon she’s the dominant part of the couple and the girls who used to fawn over him when he was big and strong won’t give him the time of day now that he’s a pipsqueak.

A great Male Age Regression / Female Age Progression comic by Bojay! The story is based on an original concept by Bojay, and his pencils have been inked and colored beautifully by Sedna Studio.

Story Summary: Mike, the biggest hunk on the beach, is amused as little Tina tries to tag along with him. But the more he sees of her, the bigger she gets. Meanwhile he’s starting to look a little short and skinny himself. Imagine a vampire that takes away your age instead of your blood!

“The Age Vampire” has 26 multi-panel color pages, plus another 5 pages of black and white drawings and concept pieces.

In the final panel, the female antagonist is tall, busty and muscular enough that another character refers to her as an “amazon”.

[The Age Vampire – DreamTales Comics]

And so begins the second year in http://buy-essay-fast-online.com/ Delhi, and the fourth year in India.

  • Magic Muscle
    Pokkuti's comics Pokkuti's comics

    Pokkuti's comics

Pokkuti's comics

I’m really liking Pokkuti’s work on these commissioned female muscle growth comics. The English dialog is a little weak, but the art is fabulous and shows six slender young women being transformed into muscular strong women, each bigger than the young men they associate with.

And one of the better parts is that the compound they’re using to make themselves bigger and stronger does the opposite for men – it makes them smaller and weaker, as one unlucky fellow finds out. The smallest girl takes three times the recommended dose, and winds up incredibly strong and muscular, though still petite in height.

[Pokkuti’s deviantART gallery]

And then five days ago I left buy-essay-fast-online.com India.