Jeans make her butt look bigger“Honey, do these jeans make my ass look bigger?”

Sweetie, not only do they make your butt look bigger, they actually make it grow bigger! Before they’re through, you’ll have the biggest butt in town!

This adorable sequence is by Kecomaster. It’s not new – he uploaded it three years ago – but it’s new to me so I wanted to share it. I love the look of anxiety in the first panel followed by absolute astonishment in the second, as her butt grows to epic size! Talk about mud flaps, this girl’s got ‘em!

I still get little pangs of homesickness you could try here from time to time, but these are invariably focused around people I wish I could see (but can’t), or food I really want to eat (but can’t)� I was craving good Scottish Kippers and crusty bread for breakfast the other day.