While he normally does age progression and regression comics, Bojay sometimes ventures into giantess, breast expansion and female muscle growth comics and illustrations. And so Dreamtales has published a collection called Bojay’s Giantess Cartoons, which feature all manner of women growing in all manner of ways. The one at right is part of a total growth series, where the granddaughter of Dr. Jeckyll ingests his formula and winds up growing out of her clothes, in pretty much every direction.

There are no complete stories but there are lots of sketches and concept sheets, and it’s pretty hot. I liked it a lot: there were over 50 pages and it was just $8.00.

The Bojay Female Growth Pack is also really good – I picked that up for $22 last year and I still enjoy going back to those stories from time to time. Bojay’s Gift of the Magi [deviantART sample] is particularly good – a play on the O. Henry story of the same name: a tiny, petite woman and her huge, strapping boyfriend both make mutually exclusive Christmas gifts to bring themselves closer to the other’s size. So when she unveils her present – that she’s now over six-feet tall with big breasts and an amazon figure – she’s shocked to find her big, strong boyfriend is no longer either! He’s reduced himself to about five feet tall with the muscular development of a child. Needless to say their relationship “evolves” after that.

Another couple of weeks and it should buy-essay-fast-online.com start warming up again.