Mitsuru by Xsize

Here’s a great single image by Xsize depicting the game character Mitsuru Kirijo from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3.

As I understand it, in the original PS2 game and PSP version, players are expected not just to fight their way through the challenges, but also to hook up with other characters. The result is that many players have strong sexual feelings for some of the characters, especially Mitsuru. Xsize has drawn her with even larger breasts than she displayed in Persona 3, and I approve! She looks great with enlarged breasts popping out of her blouse!

Click the image to see Xsize’s big-titted original drawing.

In the meantime some photos from the pop over to this website trip are here: Posted, by Chris in Expat Life, Exploring India, GeneralSo somehow this blog seems to have fallen off my radar this year.