I read World’s Finest Comics #295 when I was a kid and I thought it was awesome. The essentials are these: there was a trio of hot, moon-themed lady supervillains called alternately “The Daughters of the Moon” or “The Moondancers”. One of them had gravity powers, one of them had cold powers – sorry if this is boring so far – but one of them could grow into a ten-foot-tall giantess.

hadworsetimesThe name of the giantess was “Harvest Moon”, presumably because she could grow so big. Typically she would ride into battle normal-sized, although she was tall and well-built to start, and then grow with a weird moon effect. I looked around for scans of the giantess growth transformation but wasn’t able to find it. (I might have to break open my own long-boxes for this one.)

Batman had to wrestle the giantess Harvest Moon twice in the comic: once at the outset and once at the end of the comic. I’m sure he’d had worse times. For me the whole growing and rasslin’ bit was pure fetish fuel. Presumably Superman could have beaten Harvest Moon in a Metropolis minute, so it was a lot more appealing to see Batman getting sweaty with this giant redhead.

Disappointingly, this story only ran through one issue way back in 1983. DC Comics was all about the one-and-done storytelling arc back in those days. Harvest Moon and her sisters appeared only one other time, in a crowd scene when Animal Man visits Comic Book Limbo about 1990.

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