expandingthumbOne of my favorite BE Story Club comics is called When Expanding Worlds Collide. (You may remember it; I’ve written about it before.) The storyline is focused on a guy named Luciano who has a budding relationship with a girl name Naigie. There are two small problems, though: Naigie is flat as a board and Luciano really, really likes big tits.

Their problems seem to be over, however, when a girl from a Japanese anime – Buxom Warrior Miyuki – magically emerges from the television. In her world Miyuki has the ability to transform her own body as well as the bodies of other women. Soon she, Luciano and his roommate are plotting to grow Naigie a big set of tits. [See illustration at right.]

Of course things go completely off the rails. Miyuki’s over-enthusiasm causes Naigie’s breasts to grow to impossibly ample proportions; transforming her from a flat-chested waif into an over-developed, melon-breasted sexpot. And Miyuki doesn’t stop there! She enjoys the work so much that soon she’s bestowing a huge rack on every girl at the college! Things get even crazier when Miyuki’s rival – who gives girls huge booties – arrives on the scene payday loans texas

When Expanding Worlds Collide runs five issues, and the storyline is tight and focused. Click here to visit the BE Story Club.

Visit the BE Story Club for more…
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