Abigail Whistler examines Blade's serumIn Blade: Trinity we met Abigail Whistler, the daughter of Blade’s long-term ally and a vampire-killer of startling ability. The character was played by Jessica Biel, and Biel’s portrayal generated headlines because she’d piled on a fair amount of muscle to play the character. While Biel had shown off her athletic build previously in numerous films and TV shows, in Blade: Trinity she was truly buff.

It’s at this point that the one-page sequence by Freak2k00 and The Manic takes flight. What if Whistler had access to the serum that makes Blade superhuman? Would she grow taller, sexier, and stronger? Oh yes! Very much yes! The final panel shows a seriously hulked-out Abigail Whistler reveling in her new power!